How to fix Cannot backup company in Tally ERP9?
Today I got a comment in my YouTube Channel related to backup error in Tally ERP9,Thought many users might be facing similar problems and decided to make post on how to fix cannot backup company in Tally ERP9. The question was While backing up data getting an error message Cannot backup company.How to fix this… (2 comments)
Auto backup and restore in tally ERP9
To ensure better data security, tally erp9 provides an additional backup facility called auto backup. By enabling this feature company data will become triple secure. The main advantages of auto backup in tally is that whenever you enter something in tally (voucher entry, master creation etc), the auto backup utility work from behind and update… (5 comments)
How to restore tally backup, restore tally data
Earlier in this week we have learned how to back up tally data. This is the continuation of that lesson. The purpose of data backup is to restore companies as and when required. The data currently using may damage/corrupt/lost due to so many reasons like unexpected system shutdown, system crash, data corruption etc. In such… (13 comments)
How to backup data in tally
Now it’s time for us to keep data back of companies you are working with. Keeping data in computer are not safe, always there is a possibility of being harmed by system crash, unauthorized usages etc. It is highly recommend taking a backup of tally data in frequent interval. Frequency of data backup in tally… (1 comment)
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