Service charges Invoice or bill creation & Format in Tally ERP 9
You might be a running a service business like a consultancy or advertising services,Beauty parlor or cargo handling business.All these businesses does not involves any trading of stock or goods. Here we are trading a service or our skill. In such case many beginner accountants are getting confused how to create a service invoice or service bills.… (0 comment)
Service Tax in Tally.ERP9 release 4.93 & below with Krishi Kalyan cess & SBC
Today we will learn how to implement service tax with Krishi Kalyan Cess & Swachh bharat cess in Tally.ERP9 Realse 4.93 and below. After Tally.ERP9 Release 5 and above, The method used for service tax computation is totally changed and become more accurate and user friendly. However there are users still want to use service tax… (2 comments)
Krishi Kalyan Cess In Tally ERP 9
As you all know, from 1st June 2016 onward a new cess is introduced on all taxable services by India Goverment. The rate of KKC -Krishi Kalyan cess is 0.5%  on assessable vale of taxable services.From Tally ERP 9 Release 5.3.8 you will find new option called Krishi Kalyan Cess under Duties and taxes. Lets… (0 comment)
Today we will learn the service tax setup in Tally or service tax configuration in Tally.ERP 9 Release 5 and above versions.As the name suggests, it is a tax on the Services. It is a tax levied on the transaction of certain services specified by the Central Government under the Finance Act, 1994. There are… (11 comments)
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