How to activate GST in Tally ERP 9 ?
In this session You will learn how to activate GST in Tally ERP 9. Once you deactivated VAT,Central excise & Service wef. 01-07-2017. You can activate GST in tally. This will enables GST details at all levels of Tally erp 9. You will see gst details at ledger level, stock item level, group level and… (0 comment)
How to deactivate VAT, Excise & Service tax in Tally For GST from 01-07-2017 ?
GST has been rolled out in India on 01-07-2017. We know GST has subsumed all major Indirect taxes like VAT,Excise & Service tax. Which mean we don’t need to pay all these taxes instead we have to pay GST only. So you want to deactivate VAT, Central Excise & Service Tax in Tally ERP 9.… (0 comment)
Add declaration and terms & conditions in Tally ERP 9
Most of the invoices have terms and conditions or declaration printed on it. A declaration is a must for  for Tax invoice as per commercial tax department in most states. By default Tally ERP 9 has a declaration “We declare that this invoice shows the actual price of the goods described and that all particulars… (1 comment)
How to Prepare Tax Invoice in Tally ERP 9
By printing an invoice in Tally ERP 9 gives you a default title ‘Invoice’. You may want to print an invoice titled Tax Invoice to comply VAT Rules. In such cases Tally allow you to print the invoice with desired title. For some states There are specific forms for creating VAT invoices. Like Form 36, Form 8. In… (2 comments)
Service charges Invoice or bill creation & Format in Tally ERP 9
You might be a running a service business like a consultancy or advertising services,Beauty parlor or cargo handling business.All these businesses does not involves any trading of stock or goods. Here we are trading a service or our skill. In such case many beginner accountants are getting confused how to create a service invoice or service bills.… (0 comment)
Service Tax in Tally.ERP9 release 4.93 & below with Krishi Kalyan cess & SBC
Today we will learn how to implement service tax with Krishi Kalyan Cess & Swachh bharat cess in Tally.ERP9 Realse 4.93 and below. After Tally.ERP9 Release 5 and above, The method used for service tax computation is totally changed and become more accurate and user friendly. However there are users still want to use service tax… (2 comments)
Krishi Kalyan Cess In Tally ERP 9
As you all know, from 1st June 2016 onward a new cess is introduced on all taxable services by India Goverment. The rate of KKC -Krishi Kalyan cess is 0.5%  on assessable vale of taxable services.From Tally ERP 9 Release 5.3.8 you will find new option called Krishi Kalyan Cess under Duties and taxes. Lets… (0 comment)
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