How to create Fixed Deposit ledger in Tally ERP 9
Fixed Deposit considered as most safe investment of today’s time.Business owners go for some Fixed deposit as it is safe and getting a higher interest rate than a savings account. We have a guide on how to enter Fixed deposit in tally erp 9. Fixed Deposits Ledger. In this section we will guide you how… (0 comment)
How to create Fixed Asset Ledger In Tally ERP 9
Let’s create a fixed asset ledger in tally erp 9. Every business have assets and liabilities for its day today operation.Assets are economic resources of a company or things of value owned.The fixed assets are fixed and tangible in nature Fixed assets are long term assets. Examples of Fixed Assets Buildings Computer equipment Computer software… (0 comment)
List of Ledgers for a new company in Tally ERP9
Here in this post I am trying to provide all the list of ledgers required for a new company opened in Tally ERP 9.This post is exclusively for beginners who doesn’t know how to start  with and what are the Ledgers required for a newly started business. In this Table I have tried to put… (1 comment)
How to create bank ledger/ bank account in Tally.ERP 9
Bank account is the most important Ledger account of every business organisation.In this Tutorial we will learn How to create a bank ledger in Tally ERP 9.Create a bank account in Tally is as simple or as similar as normal ledger creation. Cash accumulated with cashier through selling of goods or service is deposited into bank account… (2 comments)
How to create, view, alter& delete Ledger in tally
Ledger creation is the preliminary steps to start with Tally ERP 9 just after creating company. Before creating a ledger you should know what is a ledger according to accounting concepts a group of account is called a ledger. Where as an account is a device used to record the effect of transactions on the assets,liabilities… (45 comments)
How to create a ledger when you are in voucher creation screen or while entering data in tally?
Assume that you are working in a busy schedule and entering many transactions in tally, when you are in the middle of a transaction, found one ledger is not created yet .Assume that Discount received ledger is not in our company. In such a case what will you do? You might quit the voucher entry… (1 comment)
Create party ledger or Sundry debtors and creditors ledger in tally
We have learned how to create sales /purchase ledger also discussed about income/ expenses ledger. Today we are going to learn how to create a party ledger in tally. Here party means both Sundry debtor and sundry creditor. Before start creating party ledger we should know who is a sundry debtor and who is a sundry creditor? Sundry Debtor… (2 comments)
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