How to add and Print PAN number in Invoice & vouchers
Today We can have a small tutorial about adding PAN Number and how this number get printed on receipt voucher and Invoices like, VAT invoice, Service Tax invoice & Excise invoices. In Many company Invoices you may have noticed, the PAN Number is mentioned somewhere in the bill.This will helpful to the party in case… (0 comment)
Printing a logo of your company in your Sales invoice, Tax invoice is a good practice for every business even a small scale business take advantage of it.So What is the advantages I am talking about. Not very big the client will have a feeling that your company is a professional one.As a part of… (1 comment)
How to create Proforma Invoice in Tally ERP 9
You might have seen some invoice named as Proforma Invoice .This is type of invoice is generating before an actual sale is happening or before generating actual bill. Lets learn how to do this in Tally ERP 9. What is a proforma Invoice ? A proforma invoice is simply a document that declares the seller’s… (0 comment)
How to set Invoice prefix and suffix in Tally ERP9
In this guide you will learn how to set invoice number ( No)  in tally erp 9 or voucher numbering in tally, little bit advance mode. By default Tally ERP9 comes with invoice or voucher number staring from 1. Here we can understand how to set invoice numbering with prefix and suffix, and how to set… (23 comments)
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