What is an early payment discount?
Early payment discount is a discount allowed by the seller to its debtors for quick payment. The early payment discount is also known as cash discount, Seller often refer this discount as sales discount where as buyer refer this as early payment discount. Early payment discount motivate customers to make quick payment earlier than credit… (0 comment)
Difference between trade discount and cash discount
Trade discount differ from cash discount in the following ways. Key Differences between Trade Discount Cash Discount Trade discount is merely a device to determine the price.Sales are invoiced at the net price after deducting the trade discount Cash discount is the deduction from the net Invoice price. Trade discount is allowed by the whoesalers… (0 comment)
What is a trade discount?
A trade discount is different from cash discount.It is a deduction from the list price, allowed by wholesalers to retailers.It is deducted in the invoice,from the list price,and only the net invoice price is treated as the value of the purchase or sale. Features of Trade Discount Trade discount determines the net selling price of… (0 comment)
What is cash discount? & Accounting entries
What is a cash discount? When goods are bought on credit the buyer is expected to pay the seller within the time agreed upon.Often the credit terms are thirty,sixty, or ninety days.To encourage the buyer to make payment before the end of the credit period, the seller  may allow a deduction from the amount owed.… (0 comment)
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