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Tally ERP 9 has a wonderful option to export data’s from Software to some another format for the use of data’s

  • To create some extra report that tally erp 9 does not have
  • For sending an attachment in emails
  • To upload files in another websites like e-filing of return.
  • For publishing in a website like a page you are reading.
  • To import data’s in another company of Tally ERP 9.

Currently Tally Allow us to export in Seven standard formats.ASCII (Comma delimited), Excel (Spreadsheet), HTML (web-publishing), JPEG(Image), PDF (Portable Document Format), XML (data interchange) SDF (using SDF Utility).

Here in this Lesson we will learn how to export Tally Data into Excel Format.

Let’s Export the daybook of ABC Ltd from 01-04-2016 to 31-05-2016

Go to Gateway of Tally>Display>Day book

Export Day book

Click on Export Button at the top of the screen. or use short cut key for Export Alt+E.

Export Report screen

Language: Default ( All language)

Format: Excel ( Spread Sheet)

Export location: Type the location of the file to be exported default location is C:\Program Files\Tally.ERP9, You can change it something like C:\Users\Ayana\Desktop to get the file on desktop.

Output File Name: Default file name is associated with the name of report, here Daybook.xlsx. You can change the File name if required. We can name it something like ‘name.xlsx’. The file extension must be xlsx.

Output Sheet Name: This is the name of excel sheet, the data to be exported.Normally excel open with sheet1, sheet2,sheet3, you can give name of your choice.

Updating Existing file: This is useful when you have already exported a file with same name in the same location.Then the existing file will be updated. No new file will be created.

Open Exported File: This will open the excel file immediately after exporting

You can bring some additional information like Data in detailed format,Voucher Numbers, Narrations,bill-wise details,cost center details,Inventory details by activating these options provided in the export screen.

Exporting to excel in tally erp 9

Now click on export button or press enter,The file will be exported to your computer  where you have mentioned the location.

Exported excel file

Here is a typical daybook exported in tally erp 9.

Opened excel exported from tally

Data’s can be exported to Jpeg,pdf, csv & xls also, we will discuss those functions in next sessions.

Comments (1)

  • In our tally ERP 9, books account starting from 01.04.2012 to till date was continued as data without opening balance, but we require closing of accounts from 01.04.2015 to 31.03.2016. Therefore,how to enter opening balance of 01.04.2015??Kindly suggest for the above request as soon as possible…….


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