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We can have an important lesson of some tips and tricks for a beginners or for tally students to speed up data entry in Tally ERP 9. By adopting these techniques you can increase the speed of data entry almost 50%.

  1. Hot Keys for faster Data Entry

Navigation in Tally ERP 9 is the most important as far as a user is concerned. Usage of hot keys to move through menu or access a voucher entry screen  is so fast and simple.

For Example:

  • To go to Sales voucher entry screen from Gateway

Press the keys V  then F8 

  • To access Rejection In Voucher from the gateway

Press the key T >Ctrl+F6

  • To Go to day book, for edit a voucher

Press key D > D

  • To Go to a particular Ledger for the purpose of editing
  • press Key D>A>L

How do you know hot keys in tally erp 9?

These Keys are called Hot Key. You can easily understand the hotkey by looking at the menu. Lets see how for D>A>L.From the Gateway of Tally look at Display menu Letter “D” is highlighted  and for Account books, Letter “A” is highlighted. and for LedgerL“. You will get a clear idea from the image below. Pick the Red colored highlighted letter and arrange the order as it is appear. Memorize those short cut keys use it you are super fast user now.

How to know the hot keys in tally erp 9

  1. Skip date filed during creation for fast entry.

This is an options provided in the voucher entry configuration.If you have a large number of transactions to enter every day once date is set, do not need change during every transactions you are entering. You can skip date field and save the time.

How to activate skip date field?

Gateway of Tally> F12 Configuration>Voucher Entry

Skip Date field during creation for faster entry :Yes

Skip date field configuration

  1. Quick Access to calculator for a calculation and result in amount field.

You may want to make a calculation for an amount while entering any voucher to enter amount Press Alt + C to access calculator make calculation and press enter the amount will returned to amount field of voucher with result.

Example: For commission payment You need to know the 7 %  of 45250

Locate the amount field in the payment voucher and Press Alt+ C

Alt+C to access calculator

The calculator will be activated and the cursor will go inside calculator to type the calculation.

Tally calculator

Enter the calculation and press enter. The 7% of the amount will have placed in the amount filed.

Amount Field will filled with amount after calculation

This quick calculation will help you a faster data entry in tally.

  1. Repeat Narration of same Voucher Type

Typing a narration is time consuming, hence you can save time by repeating possible narrations in the same voucher using.

Ctrl + R

To repeat last used narration in the same voucher type use Ctrl + R in the narration field. For example to repeat a last narration entered in the receipt  to new receipt voucher you can use this shortcut, but this will not work if you want the last narration entered in receipt voucher to be repeated in payment voucher.

  1. Repeat the last narration of same ledger irrespective of Voucher type

To repeat the narration of the first ledger used,Use Alt+R .This repetition is based on ledger not on voucher type.If you used Tea expense ledger in the payment voucher and you are entering same Tea expense ledger in receipt voucher next time and  want that narration in the receipt voucher also, use shortcut key Alt+R.

  1. Remove a line from voucher during entry or editing

Suppose you are entering a compounding journal entry, on the way you need a line to be removed from the entry what to do.

Just select that entry by clicking on it the Press Ctrl + D

Remove a line during voucher entry or editing

That line will be removed. This feature is working fine with double entry mode. In single entry payment & receipt voucher it is removing all the lines except the first one.

  1. Print After saving for Invoices,Vouchers for Quick documentation.

Many organisation having large number of transaction like sale, payment, receipt in day. For time saving purpose you can Set invoices payment voucher, receipt voucher printed immediately after saving the voucher.

How to set print after saving?

Suppose if we want sale invoice to be printed immediately after saving, the go to

  • Gateway of Tally>Accounting Voucher>Voucher types>Alter
  • Select the sales voucher type you are using, here sale,
  • In the voucher alteration screen enable option ‘Print after saving ‘

Print after savings

Have more tips to speed up data entry, I will update this page soon and again.Please keep checking this document or book mark it.I f you loved what I told to you please do share it with others.

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