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This is to give you some basic idea about how tally store data; this will enable you a proper data management and can avoid any mistaken action with data folders. As far as a business is considered a tally data is more important than tally software. An unwittingly committed error with software can restore it, but very hard if this is happening with tally data.
Where Tally data is located?
At the time of installation tally asks the data folder location and its name. By default, it is C:\Tally.ERP9\Data, Which means program and data’ are stored in same location. Tally will automatically create a Subfolder ‘Data’ in the software installation folder (C:\Tally.ERP9).Either you can use the default name ‘Data’ or use any other name as you wish.

tally data

You can specify another location if you desire so.
For example D:\Data
To perform this you should change the data path as D:\Data
When you create a new company with Tally software, will create a sub folder in Data’s folder with a system generated code starting from 10000 where all data file of the company is stored.
data folder
The code for the next company will be 10001 and so on. Some older versions of tally use data code starting from 1000
Change the data folder after installation
There are two solution for this?
1    1.Go to Configuration Screen By pressing F12 from gateway of Tally
Select Data configuration
On data configuration Screen type the location of data file to where you are going to change it,for instance D:\Data
data configuration screen
Accept and save the screen.This option is not available for version before TallyERP9
      2.Second method is
Go to Tally program folder. If you don’t know where it is located
Right click on the tally Icon from the desktop, from the pop up menu click on properties then click on Find target the tally program folder will open will open
Find Tally.ini file and open it
tally ini
Find out the following words
;;Specify location of Data files
Change it to the location you want to store data for example
;;Specify location of Data files
Very important: – After changing the file location using above two methods, you must copy the “Data” folder from C:\Tally.ERP9\   to    D:\
It is always recommended to take a copy of the Data folder for back up purposes apart from tally generated back up file.

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