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Earlier in this week we have learned how to back up tally data. This is the continuation of that lesson. The purpose of data backup is to restore companies as and when required. The data currently using may damage/corrupt/lost due to so many reasons like unexpected system shutdown, system crash, data corruption etc. In such case you can restore the company using very recent backup available.

To restore data backup, remember the following things that we did in previous lesson

  • We had backed up  four company namely ABC Ltd, Suraj Travels, SWARAJ MOTORS and  XYZ Ltd etc,
  •  The data backed up in a pen drive
  • Data’s were backed up from C:\Tally.ERP9\Data to F:\bkp

Assume that we have lost all of our data from C:\Tally.ERP9\Data so we are restoring it from F:\bkp ( pen drive)

Restore backup in tally data folder

To do this, connect the pen drive to your computer; make sure that the computer has detected the device. After connecting device, open My Computer. You will see something like below image, the drive name may vary. If nothing found like this contact your system administrator.

pen drive in my computer

Now open tally software. If you are in the gateway of tally Select company info menu by clicking on comp info button or use shortcut key Alt+F3.

company info menu

Inside company info menu locate Restore, Select it and press Enter key or use hot key R. now we are in tally restoration screen.  Fill in the source and destination

Source and destination of data restore

At the time of backing up, Source is C:\Tally.ERP9\Data (software folder) and Destination is F:\bkp ( pendrive )

Now at the time of restoration, the source becomes pen drive ( F:\bkp) as the data are recouping from it, and the destination is the data folder of tally software  ( C:\Tally.ERP9\Data)This may vary depends on data & backup storage.

source and destination in tally backup

Fill in source and destination,

Destination: C:\Tally.ERP9\Data (where tally software store date)

Source: F:\bkp (where we saved backup file TBK900.001)

See below image.

Now press enter  to move on to backup field where we can select list of backed up companies, on the right hand side, under  the List of Companies you can see all companies that we took backup. The list contains system generated code, date and time of backup etc. The display of date and time ensure that we are using the most recent backup.

backup -list-of-companies

Select All item from the list to restore all companies,

all item restore screen

Or select individual companies to restore selected companies only.


After selecting companies, press enter key and save the screen, Tally will start restoration and complete the process instantly.


All the selected companies will have restored, check the day book to confirm that all latest data’s are return to the original state.

Here is the video for data restoration in tally watch this and subsribe our channel

Comments (13)

  • Sir i have a tally file with .900 extension. How do i open it in TallyErp9 ?

    • Question is not clear, you cannot open a single file using tally, there are many files have .900 extension in tally, tally data files have.900 extension, statutory files have this extension, so please clarify what do you mean, and tell me what is the exact name of the file.

  • sir,
    i have a question, while am restoring the company by mistake the path was incorrect and suddenly i cancelled the process. but i lost the back up also and the concerned company is not showing in list also. but in data the company folder(1004) existing. sir any hope to restore the company with the updated data.waiting for your valuable reply.
    thank you,

    • Hello,

      I am not sure, but let me try could you sent me the back up files and 1004 folder in zip format ? email:

  • message displayed : could not restore 10004

    any solutions?

    • This error occurs if the backup file – TBK.900 is corrupted. The number – 10004 in the error refers to folder number of the company that is corrupted in the backup file. This error will also occur when restoring corrupt TABK.900 (auto backup file) and ABK.900 backup files.

      Send the backup file to . In case the data is recoverable, the same will be sent to you.

  • Sir
    I have a question i got a tally back up zip file from my auditor how it will restore in my tally era 9, this is 2015 tally back up i want show separately in my tally it is possible ?

  • sir i have restored my tally data from backup by-mistake that was made on 05-01-2016 which restored all my data till 26-06-2016. now i want my data back till 26-06-2016.
    So is their any method for getting that data back.
    plzz give suggestion unless it would lead to huge losses for me.

  • How to restore a company folder 10028 without backup file, is it possible, Please help.

  • how to restore ABK.900 file?


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