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Now it’s time for us to keep data back of companies you are working with. Keeping data in computer are not safe, always there is a possibility of being harmed by system crash, unauthorized usages etc. It is highly recommend taking a backup of tally data in frequent interval.

Frequency of data backup in tally

The frequency of backup depends upon the volume of transactions you are handling with. If you are working for a company dealing thousands of transactions, then make a habit of data back up in one or two hours. At least keep a daily backup even if you are working for small business. Regular back up can save time and effort, when your data corrupted or lost.

Medium of data backup

The safest and easiest way of keeping data backup is Removable disk or pen drive it is recommended to have more than one device, and take backup in all the devices in alternative days. This will help us to get most recent backups. Compact disk is also good medium of keeping backups, but taking backup in CD will more time consuming due to the process of writing CD rom. Another safest way is that, compress data with compressing software like winzip, winrar and send it to your email, preferably in Gmail.

How to take backup in tally?

To take back up from tally, Go to Company info menu, if you are in gate way of tally, Click on company info button or Use shortcut key Alt+F3

Company info menu

Now go to menu Backup (use hot key B)

A backup screen will appear,

back up screen

Fill the form as below,

Source:  source will be the current data location of tally software, (by default C:\Tally.ERP9\Data) if y

our current data is in different location type the location there. (For example E:\tally\Data)For more information about tally data location, click here.

Destination: This is the location or medium you want the backup file to be stored. If you are using a pen drive to keep back up, identify the drive name and folder name. For example in pen drive there is folder called bkp where we take backup regularly, to identify the location, connect the pen drive to the computer, go to my computer, locate pen drive and open the folder bkp. In the opened window look at the address bar, you can see the destination address like in below image.

back up data path

After filling source and destination, Press enter, now select company from the list of companies, multiple companies can be selected for backup.  Also there is an option of selecting All item in the list to take backup of All companies in the same directory (This option is available from Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 1.8)

all item

In this example we have selected all companies individually. The final screen will look like this.

back up screen

Note: If one or more companies in the list have tally vaulted password, only one such company can select in the group.

Press enter to accept the screen e, tally will start and end backup instantly, a backup file can be found in your pen drive.


See the above image, this is the backup file of tally, you can copy this file like any other windows file, also can compress using WinZip, Winrar etc.

Unconventional method of data backup

There is another method of data back up from tally, but this is not a recommended, people with no clear idea of handling computer may damage the data. However I am explaining this; just understand that this is also a method of data backup.

Just go to data folder of tally and copy the entire folder and keep somewhere like pen drive, hard drive, Compact disk (CD) etc.

If you don’t know where tally data stored

Right clicks on the tally icon from your desktop, then click on properties, in property window, click on find target.

open tally software folder

The software folder will open in front of you, inside the software folder you can see a folder namely “Data” .Copy this folder and paste in a safe place like pen drive, hard drive etc.

If you cannot find the data folder inside software folder, find tally configuration file located in software folder, open it and find the data location

To find out data location, search for the words specify the location of data file, the location can be found in the very next line of it.

tally configuration file, tally ini file

In the above image the data location is marked C:\Tally.ERP9\Data

Here is the video tutorial on tally back i have created, if you like this video consider subscribe

In the coming lesson we will learn how to restore backup.

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  • What are the nature of entries which included in tally

    Receipts Entry- Nature of receipt entry (Items included in receipts entry)
    Payment entry- Nature of Payment entry (items included in payment entry)
    Contra Entry- Nature of Contra Entry (items included on contra entry)
    Journal Entry- Nature of Journal Entry (Items included in Journal Entry)


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