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Today I got a comment in my related to backup error in Tally ERP9,Thought many users might be facing similar problems and decided to make post on how to fix cannot backup company in Tally ERP9. The question was While backing up data getting an error message Cannot backup company.How to fix this issue?

Here is the Error message  image.

Cannot backup company in Tally ERP9 error message

Reason for the error.

You might be having big volume of data in that particular company. And the size of files with extension .900 is increased heavily. Something  like more than 150 MB

Size of data files

To check file size.

Open Tally ERP9 Data folder of that particular company.

If you don’t know where it is located, then follow this instruction.

Form Gateway of Tally Press F1

You will get the Path and data folder number of the company.

Findout data folder and data location in Tally ERP9

Steps  to fix cannot backup company in Tally ERP9?

If you are interested in watching rather than reading, then we have a video tutorial on Fix.


Locate the data folder. The date folder of Tally ERP9 is serially numbered from 10000.

Data folder of Tally ERP9


Copy Data folder as a backup.

Before starting it is a must,that you have copied the data folder somewhere in your hard disk or removable disk as a backup of your data. If you skip this step, You are taking the risk of losing your entire data.


Open Data folder. And delete the file ‘company.900’ or cut and paste somewhere outside the data folder.

Delete company.900 file


Now copy and paste  CmpSave.900 in the same data folder. You will get a new file CmpSave – Copy.900.

Copy and paste ComSave.900


Now,  Rename  file  ‘CmpSave-Copy.900’ to  ‘Company.900’.

Rename CmpSave - Copy.900 TO Cpmpany.900

After renaming, Close the folder.

Re-write company to finish the  trouble shooting.


Go to gateway of Tally.

Press Alt + Ctr + R,Rewrite company selection  screen  appear, choose the company you want to rewrite.

Rewrite company selection screen

Choose the company from the list.

rewrite yes or no

Select Yes or Press Enter.

Backup before rewriting

Backup before rewriting? Select No.

rewriting process

On completing the Process, Try again for Backup again.Check your vouchers and report to ensure that there was no data lost during the entire trouble shooting process.

Hope your problem fixed, If you have any concern please feel free to ask in our comment section.

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