In this lesson you will learn how  to install tally ERP9. The current Version of Tally ERP 9 is Release 5.3.8 launched on 31st May 2016. If you want Tally software for free you can download it from Tally website.This version is called educational version.You can use this version for learning and teaching purpose.But you can convert this software as a licensed version after making payments or contact a who sells LICENSED Version.

How to install Tally ERP 9

Download software from  .or if you bought from a partner you might get a software CD Kit.
If you downloaded the software go to the folder where it is downloaded and find the tally software setup icon. And double click on it.
Tally ERP 9 installer setup
For installing through tally CD, go to Start>>Run and type F:/setup, make sure that the drive name is your CD Drive.  Here I have typed F:/, this may vary depends on your computer settings. Press enter.
The system will as a permission to execute the software in your system
Do you want to run this software
Click Run. You will get Tally Installer screen like below image.
Install Tally ERP 9

Installation folder

In the setup screen you can see the Tally default Installation folder. C:\Program Files\Tally.ERP9 .

How to change installation folder?

You can change software installation folder by clicking on the location selection button provided on the right side.
Change the installation folder
Select the desired folder and click ok.

How to change the data folder?

After setting installation folder, you can change the data folder also. Tally default data folder is C:\Users\Public\Tally.ERP9\Data. To change this Click on Advanced  button.You will get advanced setting screen.

Advanced settings

Select the desired data directory. Select the Country and startup language.Click accept.

Click on Install button.The setup will start installing Tally.ERP 9 in your system.The setup will choose automatically the bitness based on your operating system.If your computer is 64 bit operating system, will install 64 bit Tally ERP9. And 32 bit in 32 bit operating system.Upon finishing of Installation you will get a success message.

Succesfull installation of Tally ERP 9

How to install 32 bit Tally ERP 9 in 64 bit OS computer?

If you want to install 32 bit on 64 bit os, you can do this using command prompt.

Enter the path of setup.exe file and at the end add bitness:32 as follows

D:/setup.exe /bitness:32.

Press enter, The setup screen will open as we did earlier.

How to install Tally.ERP 9 – Multi User on Server

Tally ERP 9 Gold is a multi user or unlimited user edition on a Local network. The features remain same as of Tally ERP 9 Single User or Tally ERP 9 Silver Edition. The only reason behind choosing Gold over Silver is the unlimited number of system we can access the Software.

Install Tally in server

Double click on the software setup, The Tally ERP 9 setup wizard will appear.

Tally erp 9 setup wizard

Click on Next button, In the screen, Select License Server

License server installation setup

You don’t need to do anything specifically in this screen unless you wish to change the License server directory & port number.If you change the license server directory the license files will be stored there.

Click on install.The setup will start the installation process.

tally erp 9 being installed

The license server success message will display.After server installation you can start begin installing Client Machine.

After Installation

Recommend read

A desktop icon and start menu icon will be created in your computer. Click any one of the icons to start program. For our learning purpose single user tally with educational mode is enough. But remember you cannot use this educational version for business purpose due to its limitation of entering date. In Educational version you can enter the date of, only 1, 2 and 31 of each month, this means that some month you can enter transaction for 3 dates like May, October and some month only two like April, June etc.There is no restrictions for entering number of transactions.

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