Normally assets purchased for resale is entered through purchase voucher.For example a car seller purchase cars for re-sale in this case we enter car as inventory through purchase voucher. That is only ledger created under group purchase account can only be selected in the purchase voucher.Car purchased for staff or motor vehicles purchased for delivery is treated as fixed asset,and ledger motor car created under fixed asset group cannot select in a purchase voucher.

Latest versions of Tally  ERP 9 Provides options to enter assets purchase, lets learn how to do it.

Learn More :How to enter fixed asset in tally erp 9

Activate fixed asset purchase in purchase voucher

To activate fixed asset purchase in purchase voucher,

Go to

Gateway of Tally>F12 Configure>Voucher Entry

Allow expense/fixed assets in purchase vouchers : Yes


Asset purchase entry using purchase voucher example.

Lets enter the following example.

ABC Ltd bought Motor car for Rs 500000.00 from Indus Motors.

However its a cash purchase, for asset purchase its always adviced to enter the voucher in the name of party as a credit purchase, then make payment.

Go to Gateway of Tally> Accounting Voucher >F9 Purchase

  1. Click on As Voucher Mode ( How to enter voucher in tally )
  2. To: Indus Motors ( Create sundry creditors ledger)
  3. By: Motor car ( Create Fixed Asset ledger in tally)
  4. Enter amount,narration

Enter the voucher as shown in the images below.


Press Enter to accept the screen.

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