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To change the date of  Tally Voucher you have to do the following.Before we start,You should know Tally ERP 9 Educational version have some date restriction. You are allowed to make entries on 1st,2nd and last date of a month. The free version are for educational purpose and you have to  for enjoying full options and voucher entry on all date.

How to change the date of a voucher in Tally erp 9

Assume that you are in payment voucher

Gateway of Tally> Accounting Voucher>F5 Payment

Tally will show you the date of last voucher entry in the payment voucher screen. in my tally it is 1-05-2016


To change this date, press F2 from your keyboard or click on Date button provided at the right hand top of the screen.

On clicking this the date button, a voucher date option will pop up showing the next date, if you want to use this date, press enter.


Or if you want to make entry on another date,suppose 1-06-2016. Just type 1-6-16 or 01-06-2016  in the box and press enter,  Instead of typing  full date you can type 1-6, tally will automatically find the year and display full date.Use any of the date separators like”/ or * or – or .  .

How to change the period in tally

Period are required for a report,For example if you want to view the ledger statement from 01-05-2016 to 31-05-2016. do the following.

Go to

Gateway of Tally>Display>Account Book >Ledger

Select the ledger, and on the top on the report you will see the current period automatically selected by tally as shown in the picture.


To change the period You can use Alt + F2  or click on Period button provided on the top. Enter the starting date and end date in the box and press enter as shown in the image.


Press enter,Tally will display the report of given period. Period is useful in reports like DayBook,trail balance,balance sheet and profit and loss account.

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