In Modern business sale on credit  and customer makes payments through Internet banking is a usual practice. It would be nice if you print your bank details onto Invoice.This will help customers to reduce the communications between sellers such as asking for bank name, Account Number and IFSC Code etc.

Add bank details in ledger

The first step is adding bank details while creating bank ledger. To do this You can edit existing bank ledger or you can do it while creating a new bank ledger.Go to

  • Gateway of Tally> Accounts Info> Ledger >Create.
  • In the ledger creation after entering bank name and selecting the group “Bank Accounts” you will find an option ‘Set/Alter Bank Details
  • Enable the option Bank Details by typing ‘Yes’ and press enter. You will landed to a bank details screen as shown in the below image.
  • In the Account details, Enter the following
  1. Account Number,
  2. Account Holders name
  3. Branch Name.
  4. BSR Code
  5. IFSC Code


Please Note: This option will work only with Tally ERP 9 Licensed versions, You cannot get the list of banks if you are using an educational version. Also Internet connection is a must to get banks list.

Save the screen.

Print the Invoice with Bank details

  • Now Lets take a printout of a sales Invoice.
  • Select the voucher in alteration mode, click on Alt+P or use Print button on the top of the screen.The print dialogue box will appear.

Print dialogue box

In the print dialogue box click on F12 Configure button.The sales configuration screen will appear.

Enable the option “Print Bank Details” as shown in the below image.


Press enter key and save the screen, a new bank selection screen will appear, Select the bank from the list.bank-selection-screenand  save the current screen and subsequent screens. and let tally print the invoice. In the invoice you will find the details given above printed on the Invoice.


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