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Tally permits to edit and delete vouchers entered. It depends upon the privilege assigned to individual users. This means that not all users can edit / delete the vouchers, only authorized users or administrators can do this, if you assigned privileges. We will be providing a detailed tutorial on how to set privileges later.  To edit and delete a voucher in tally there are two methods,

Edit voucher from voucher entry screen itself.

We are permitted to edit any previously saved vouchers from the voucher screen itself. To do this you must know the date of the voucher entry.

Let us illustrate this with a previously saved entry as an example

Assume that we entered a voucher on 31.05.2012 –

  • Received commission Rs 1000.00

The amount was mistakenly entered Rs 1000, Change it to 2500.00

To do this

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Accounting vouchers

Now we are in a voucher screen, the voucher type displayed might be last used voucher; here in our example Payment voucher. Notice the date of the voucher, and change the date 31.05.2012 as the voucher was entered on that date.


Now press PgUp Key from the keyboard. For the first time there is confirmation asked to quit the current screen


Press Y or Enter Key

The saved voucher will be displayed, press PguP again until the desired voucher will display in front, then make necessary changes and save the screen.


Go to daybook

Gateway of tally>>Display>>Daybook

Now highlight the voucher to be modified, to highlight use up and down arrow key


Press enter to have the voucher modification screen


Make desired changes and accept the screen.

In second method you can go Ledger (Gateway of tally>>Display>>Account book>>Ledger  ) instead of  day book and do the same thing

Here is the video tutorail on how to edit voucher from tally

How to delete a voucher in tally

Voucher deletion has also two methods as described in editing, the steps to be followed for editing and deleting are almost same.

Ist Method

Delete when you are in voucher entry screen

We are deleting the same voucher we edited in the above example

Go to

Gateway of tally>>Accounting voucher

Now enter the voucher date that has to be deleted, in our example it is


Now press PageUP Screen from key board, as usual a confirmation screen will ask current screen,Press Y or Enter Key, Continue to press PageUP until you reach desired voucher appear in front .

Now press Alt + D


Press Y or Enter Key to confirm deletion

Method 2

Delete the voucher from day book, Go to

Gateway of tally>>Display>>Daybook

Make sure that the date selected is the date of desired voucher date

Now highlight the voucher to be deleted


Now Press Alt+D from key board, a confirmation will be asked,


Press Y or Enter Key from key board

Also you can delete, by moving inside the voucher entry screen by pressing enter after highlighting

I have created a video on how to delete voucher in tally

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