In last lesson we have completed contra voucher entry and today we are going to enter a payment voucher in tally ERP9. For easy learning we can classify the payment transactions in to two.

Classification of Payment Transactions

  1. Cash Payment: Cash payments are the transactions that settle through cash. Payments are made by cashier through immediate cash. Some  examples of cash payments entries are
    • Stationery purchased for Rs 500.00 (Paid by main cashier )
    • Courier charges paid Rs 20.00 ( Paid by pettycashier)
    • Tea expense Rs 10.00  ( Paid by pettycashier)
  2. Bank Payment:These are transactions that settle through bank or by way of issuing cheque .Normally big transactions are settling through cheque. However there is no rule regarding this, you are free to issue cheques of any amount. This depends on the policy of your business. An example of bank a payment is
  • Cheque issued to ambuja cements for Rs 150000.00 vide Cheque # 456245, SBI A/c # 651

To enter payment transaction of a company tally has a separate voucher type called payment voucher .To access this payment voucher

Read This : Cash Payment Voucher in Tally ERP 9

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Accounting Voucher 

Now click on F5: Payment Button, or use shortcut key F5

Tally open the last used voucher type when you entering in to Accounting Voucher. The payment button will active only if you are in some other voucher type (like receipt, contra, sales etc)


Now the payment entry can be entered in to two ways as discussed earlier in single  mode and double entry mode voucher.

Let’s enter the above example in payment voucher.

Payment voucher in double entry mode

We are entering the cash payments in to double entry mode.  for the example

  1. Stationery purchased for Rs 500.00 ( paid by main cashier )
  2. Courier charges paid Rs 20.00   ( Paid by pettycashier)
  3. Tea expense Rs 10.00  ( Paid by pettycashier)

The journal entry for above transaction is

Printing & Stationery ……………………. Dr               500.00

Postage & Courier  …………………………Dr                 20.00

Tea expense…………………………………..Dr                   10.00

To;         Cash ……………………………………………….Cr                    500.00

“            Petty cash………………………………………Cr                        30.00

Stationery paid by main cashier hence credited to main cash account, courier & tea paid by petty cashier hence credited to petty cash.

To activate double entry mode Press F12 from the payment voucher  and set the option  “Use single entry modefor Pymt/Rcpt/Contra”  to No  want to know more click here

Now we are in double entry payment voucher

Enter all the debit aspects just after Dr or By, and credit aspects after Cr or To, just like in below images

double entry mode payment voucher

If you want narration for each entry, activate it don’t know how to activate narration for each entry click here.

Bank transactions& cash transactions can be entered in double entry mode payment voucher.

Payment voucher in Single entry mode

Now we are entering the second payment, the bank payment in to a single entry mode voucher

  1. a.       Cheque issued to ambuja cements for Rs 150000.00 vide Cheque # 456245, SBI A/c # 651

The journal for the transaction

Ambuja Cements …………………………..  Dr                          100000.00 (Debit the receiver)

To;          SBI a/c No 651………………………..Cr                                    100000.00    (Credit what goes out)

Now let’s activate, Single entry mode in payment voucher, don’t know how to do this click here.

Now enter the credit aspects (bank name) at the top of the screen just after Account:  (in bank payment the credit aspect must be the bank name always.)and the debit aspect Ambuja cements  as in the screen below.

single entry mode payment voucher

Save the screen. That all for the payment voucher in tally, We have created a video tutorial on how to enter payment voucher in tally erp9, see this

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