What is an Account Balance ?
The difference between the two sides of an account is known as an account balance.If  the total of debit entries in an account exceed the credit entries, the account has a debit balance.If the credit exceed the debits, the account has credit balance.For Instance, The balance of Cash account shown below is a debit balance.… (0 comment)
Ledger accounts balancing procedure
After  Ledger Posting is completed,the various accounts are balanced,in order to know the exact position of a particular kind of transaction. For example, To know total money spend on travelling, knowing the balance of ‘travelling account‘ is suffice. After arriving the balance of a particular period it can be arranged in the trail balance for… (0 comment)
What is cash book? format of a cash book.
The cash book is the most important subsidiary book in any business concern.It is used to record cash transaction in which cash is received or in which cash is paid is known as cash transaction.When cash is received cash account is debited,and when cash is paid cash account is credited in the journal.The other account… (1 comment)
How to create point of sale ( POS) Invoice in tally erp 9.
Point of sale is the terminal where a sale transaction is completed, You might have noticed point of sale terminals in shopping malls, electronic show room the cashier calculate the total amount due by the customer, prepare invoice and accept payment via various payment methods like, cheque, Debit card, Credit card, Gift Vouchers. In POS,… (1 comment)
How to add and print bank details in tally erp 9 invoice?
In Modern business sale on credit  and customer makes payments through Internet banking is a usual practice. It would be nice if you print your bank details onto Invoice.This will help customers to reduce the communications between sellers such as asking for bank name, Account Number and IFSC Code etc. Add bank details in ledger The first step… (1 comment)
What are the purpose of depreciation?
Depreciation is a business expense.It should be charged to revenue irrespective of whether there is profit or loss. The object of charging depreciation are. To arrive at the true working result,net profit or net loss. To show the asset at its proper value, that is at cost less depreciation loss. To retain,out of profits, funds… (0 comment)
Difference between Depreciation,Depletion and Amortisation
These terms are often used as synonymously of . But each of them has its special meaning and significance. Depreciation: The term depreciation is used when decrease in the value of a physical asset like plant and machinery,furniture or building is to be recorded. Depletion: The term depletion is applied to the process of measuring… (0 comment)
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